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The Youth Leadership Institute has been an innovative leader in the field of youth development for over 20 years, working in many capacities—from advocating for national policy change, to organizing on a community level.

Bring the Youth Leadership Institute’s 20+ years of experience into your community with a customized training package developed around your specific needs.

YLI provides training and technical assistance services to support and build the capacity of organizations of all sizes and areas of focus. The Youth Leadership Institute leads the way in engaging youth in several key areas of community change, including food access, youth philanthropy, educational equity, civic engagement, and prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. The youth engagement strategies developed by our consulting practice  come from over two decades of research and real world experience establishing and evaluating the effectiveness of youth programs across the country, including the Youth Leadership Institute’s own community-based programs.



Is your coalition being funded to develop an evidence-based environmental prevention program in your community?

Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) is a nationally recognized model program that uses community-organizing strategies to reduce youth access to alcohol by changing community access and practices.


The Youth Leadership Institute’s community-based programs foster meaningful partnerships between youth and adults to create positive social change. Working on the ground in urban, suburban, and rural communities, YLI's community-based programs address the issues affecting youth in their communities.

The Youth Leadership Institute's community-based programs operate out of four California offices:

Central Valley

Marin County

San Francisco

San Mateo County