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Community Programs

Community Programs: Marin

The Youth Leadership Institute Marin was the first community-based program office established by the institute. It has been engaging community members in youth development programs since 1991. The Marin-based staff members cultivate partnerships between young people and adults to work on issues facing Marin County youth, including access to healthy, affordable food and physical activity, underage drinking, and environmental and educational equity. The Youth Leadership Institute Marin has created programs that foster civic engagement and philanthropy among young people.


Community Programs: San Francisco

The Youth Leadership Institute San Francisco has been on the forefront of youth development since 1994. San Francisco faces challenges typical of many urban cities, including education inequity, youth violence, and substance abuse. However, unlike many other communities, this city has long embraced cutting-edge approaches to youth development and made youth leadership and engagement a priority.


Community Programs: San Mateo

Since 1998, the Youth Leadership Institute San Mateo’s programs have spanned a broad spectrum of ages and geographies—from middle school to college students, and from bayside to coastside communities. San Mateo staff members build relationships between youth and adult community members and also offers training and technical assistance services to build the capacity of the community.


Community Programs: Central Valley

The Youth Leadership Institute Central Valley believes youth engagement is a vital asset in the region’s economic and community development. With a range of urban and rural communities, rapid population growth, and a large youth presence, California’s Central Valley faces both great opportunities and great challenges. Since 2004 the organization has established a strong, visible presence as a leader in youth development for the region.


National Youth Ambassadors Program

Over 6 million young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 are currently disconnected from education and employment. YLI's National Youth Ambassadors are advancing solutions to the problems these Opporunity Youth face.