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Community Programs

Marin County Youth Commission (MCYC)


MCYC is one of the oldest and most well regarded youth commissions in the country. MCYC’s goal is to act as a political voice for young people to the Marin County Board of Supervisors and other policy makers. The group conducts research throughout the county to determine how best to make an impact and has worked to improve youth services, tackle educational equity issues, improve transportation options, raise awareness around environmental issues, coordinate student-run elections, and raise awareness about youth homelessness.


The commission consists of twenty appointed youth who represent the five residential districts of Marin County, ranging in ages from 12- to 23-years-old. For more information contact Deborah Schoenbaum or (415) 455-1676 x 232.

“Outside of the MCYC, I always try to motivate people to see the power within them to make a difference. After meeting dozens of youth from the five years I've worked with the Youth Leadership Institute, I've seen how young people can accomplish great things.” – Julie Kuchman, member of the MCYC